Accepted Papers

1. Annie Wang, Hansaim Lim, Shu-Yuan Cheng and Lei Xie. ANTENNA, a Multi-Rank, Multi-Layered Recommender System for Inferring Reliable Drug-Gene-Disease Associations

2. Haishuai Wang. Cost-sensitive Deep Learning for Early Readmission Prediction at A Major Hospital

3. Miguel Monteiro, Ana Catarina Fonseca, Ana Teresa Freitas, Teresa Pinho E Melo, Alexandre P Francisco, José M Ferro and Arlindo Oliveira. Improving the Prediction of Functional Outcome in Ischemic Stroke Patients

4. Ahmed Halioui, Petko Valtchev and Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo. Ontology-based workflow extraction from texts using word sense disambiguation

5. Luluah Alhusain and Alaaeldin M. Hafez. Clustering Genetic Data: A Random Forest Cluster Ensemble Approach